Tuesday, 24 April 2012

BSC does a flit!

On March 23rd Bailiff studies centre moved to new premises.  The move was only about a mile, but it was of course as laborious as moving a hundred miles.  The removals company couldn't believe the number of boxes required to contain all the books from our library.  Four deliveries of 20/30 boxes a time had to be made, but eventually everything was put away.

The run up to the big day was fraught with uncertainties.  Our seller, Mr MT, was revealed as a liar who was not to be trusted on anything- his description of the property, his instructions to his solicitor or her prgress on the case.  It transpired that the solicitor was a relative and cutprice legal work done as a favour led to cut price service.  Letters got lost in the post allegedyly (never heard of DX???), documents were partially completed and aeons passed before correspodence was responded to.  We verged on despair and contemplated seriously giving up on Mr MT and buying a different property.  His delays meant that the final timescale was very tight- somehting over which he had the temerity to complain (!)- and we fully anticipated delays on the day.

With the removal van fully loaded, we were told that the notorios solicitor couldn't finalise the completion as she had gone out to court and no return time was known to the half wits at the office.  This was just what we had expected, but was no less unwelcome- being pessimistic may make you feel smugly justified in your prognostications of misery- but it doesn't help matters much all the same.

Luckily, she got back from court early and matters suddenly proceeded with speed.  Mr MT was still in the process of removing his possessions when we arrived; he promised to tidy up the rest of the premises as we unloaded into one room.  he didn't, but in a sense we didn't care.  He was soon enough gone, leaving old equipment, piles of rubbish and (of course- we might have guessed) undisclosed faults in the property which somehow got forgotten in the prepurchase disclosures.  Faulty heating, faulty gutters, infestations of unwelcome guests, misdescriptions of the nature, extent and even age of works done to the property have all been exposed in the subsequent weeks, BUT he has gone, we are in occupation and the new property is spacious, light, airy and has more than enough storage for all those books. 

There was further delay getting a fault on the line corrected by BT and then further delay in getting Talk Talk to restore the broadband,but at last we are reconnected to the 21st century and can return to work (rather than, that is, work on the property- painting, repairing and arranging things).

So, back to those bailiff studies- back to the consultation document.

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