Thursday, 28 June 2012


Yesterday I received copies of my new book, Sources of bailiff law, only three months after I expected them to arrive.  This delay was due to "problems at the printers"- some sort of technical error on the first print run, apparently- but the delay was frustrating- especially when I had trumpeted the book's apperance based on the original publication date...  May be I was just making it up??

Anyway, the little blue tome is now with us and you can secure your copy from all good book shops etc etc...

Even when they ran, crisp and shiny, off the presses their journey to me was not yet smooth.  My publisher forgot my change of address and sent the box to the old premises.  It could not be delivered there so I had to visit the sorting office once the new occupier had dropped off the 'while you were out' card. 

The box was collected alright, but I asked the man behind the counter why the one year's redirect we's paid for had not worked.  This was because "the postman sees it but the parcel delivery man does not."  Huh???  Is the Royal Mail a single organisation?  Does information not get shared?  Is there a sepaeate parcels redirect (not that I've heard- and the fee already paid might seem sufficient cover the odd stray parcel in any case). 

So there we are- the workings of bureaucracy; but all's well that ends well after all.

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