Friday, 13 July 2012

Notes on the theory & practice of bailiffs' law

My assault upon the bookshelves of Kindle continues.  I have assembled all the BSC Practice Notes into one volume, adding checklists, good practice advice and case studies from advice experience, to create a short and handy best practice guide for enforcement agencies. 

The learning curve continues though- the Kindle site blithely asks you to upload the cover image (jpeg or gif files only accepted).  I discovered how to convert them- screen capture, paste into Pictures, copy the relevant part and save-- but a screen capture is just what it says it is.  You get a snapshot with the cursor and any green underlining for grammar check showing- and this carries over into the cover image on Kindle if you're not careful (which I wasn't!!!!). Similarly creating books on the Amazon 'Create Space' website (which is a print on demand source of publications) has many virtues (speed, simplicity of use and convenience) but you have little control over the quirks of their typesetting process.  I have uploaded my book on Native American languages, Lost by translation.  When the pdf proofs came through various oddities of layout had crept in during the process of page creation at Aamazon's end; I soon realised that I could do nothing to eradicate them and just had to live with them- they're not disastrous, but just a little less than perfect: the last paragraphs of any chapter are centred on the page; widows and orphans can't be removed (except, perhaps, by a very long process of trial and error in adjusting your original Word document which, frankly, I could not be bothered with).

These teething troubles aside, there's now a pretty impressive selection of texts available through Amazon.  I have also finished my two new bailiff law histories ('The Victorian bailiff- conflict and change' and 'More popular than the hangman- the Victorian sheriff's officer'); these will be loaded to Kindle soon but, along with the text for the new Notes,  can also be purchased directly as Word documents or pdf files- see the Bailiff Studies Centre page on Facebook for more information on prices, contents etc.

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